Set Your Goal

You want to be effective in digital ministry. Set SMART goals. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely).

Know Your Audience

How to create a persona, based on research, educated assumptions, and real experiences. to help you in digital ministry.

Social Media Basics

Best practices and key tips as you get started in the world of social media for ministry.

Create a Journey

A content journey is taking your user through a digital journey, step-by-step, going from one call to action (CTA) to another.

Intro to Analytics

Analytics can help you see where God is at work in people’s lives online, and evaluate the effectiveness of your digital efforts.

Put It All Together

Final instructions for a new digital strategist.

Marketing to Expand Your Reach

This section provides training and resources to help you grow in your marketing capabilities.


Find playbooks for using and leading with analytics, webinars, and step-by-step guides for using our Cru analytics tools.

Social Media Management

Find training and how-tos for managing your social media channels as well as running social media campaigns.

Email Campaign Management

Find helpful resources to help you get started with Adobe Campaign and to run your first email campaign.

Content Management Systems

Cru supports two content management systems that can host your website: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and WordPress.

Learning Management Systems

Find helpful resources to help you get started with the right Learning Management System (LMS) to fit your training needs.


Worksheets and diagrams to help you plan your strategy


What does THAT mean? Find the answer here!

Measuring Fruitfulness

How we define and measure fruitfulness in the digital ministry context

Cru Digital Ecosystem

Directory of the supported apps and sites we use for ministry


Page Properties

Viewing and editing the properties tab is one of the most important things to know how to do. When creating a new page, it is imperative that you know how to navigate  the properties tab and which options to enable/disable.


While on the Basic tab within Properties, you’ll want to make sure ‘Title’ is filled out, as well as check off the box ‘Hide in Navigation’, unless you want it to show up under the heading of the page. 



For Example, ‘What is Christianity?’ is in the navigation:



  • You may not always want to enable this option 

  • It is best practice to hide the page by default, unless it is important to the site structure


Generating a Preview for social

There are several reasons you would want to generate a thumbnail preview for your content.

  • It may help distinguish pages

  • It makes AEM look nicer

  • Social media previews will look more customized, rather than a generic non-customized approach





The controls are self-explanatory. If it would be better to upload your own image as the preview, make sure nothing is cut off when you upload it to the server.

  • Edit the Page Title and Description options within the Basic tab to have custom text on social media shares.

Excluding from search

You may want to exclude your page from search results if it were sensitive information or a thank you page. There are other reasons, but these are two of the most common reasons. In order to do this, go to the Basic tab, and scroll all the way down to the option “Exclude from search and search engines”.


Home Page Properties

There are some changes that MUST be made on the home page properties page to help your site be distinguished from branding.

Below, we will highlight all of the properties that will be useful to change within the properties...

The first image shows which basic properties you should change.



Sharing Site metadata

  1. To change the way the site looks when it is shared via text/instant messaging/social media, go to the home page properties for your site

  2. In the Basic tab, fill in the Title option
    1. Also fill in the Page Title Description under the More Titles and Description section
  3. In the Thumbnail tab, change the thumbnail to one oof the photos you have uploaded to the DAM. (It is important that you choose an asset you uploaded because otherwise you cannot go back and find the asset in AEM again if you need it for something other than the thumbnail)

  4. In the Header tab, change the Custom Header Logo Custom Favicon

  5. In the Social tab, fill in the Site Name Page Name


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