Set Your Goal

You want to be effective in digital ministry. Set SMART goals. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely).

Know Your Audience

How to create a persona, based on research, educated assumptions, and real experiences. to help you in digital ministry.

Social Media Basics

Best practices and key tips as you get started in the world of social media for ministry.

Create a Journey

A content journey is taking your user through a digital journey, step-by-step, going from one call to action (CTA) to another.

Intro to Analytics

Analytics can help you see where God is at work in people’s lives online, and evaluate the effectiveness of your digital efforts.

Put It All Together

Final instructions for a new digital strategist.

Marketing to Expand Your Reach

This section provides training and resources to help you grow in your marketing capabilities.


Find playbooks for using and leading with analytics, webinars, and step-by-step guides for using our Cru analytics tools.

Social Media Management

Find training and how-tos for managing your social media channels as well as running social media campaigns.

Email Campaign Management

Find helpful resources to help you get started with Adobe Campaign and to run your first email campaign.

Content Management Systems

Cru supports two content management systems that can host your website: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and WordPress.


Worksheets and diagrams to help you plan your strategy


What does THAT mean? Find the answer here!

Measuring Fruitfulness

How we define and measure fruitfulness in the digital ministry context

Cru Digital Ecosystem

Directory of the supported apps and sites we use for ministry

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is currently our primary tool for your analytics needs. It is a robust tool that can help you dig into data to see what kind of digital impact you are making. This tool also helps you look not only at how your site or app is performing, but also what is happening across the digital ecosystem in your country or area. 

This section is an introduction to the tool itself. You will learn to navigate Adobe Analytics, gain a better understanding of analytics terminology, and use the various reporting functions and features.

Be sure to visit the Adobe Analytics Templates section as well once you have a working understanding of this tool! 

Getting Started with Adobe Analytics

Overview of the onboarding process after you have submitted a request for a log-in account

Navigating Adobe Analytics

How to navigate in the tool

Intro to Workspace

Learn how to use Workspace to create your own custom analysis projects or use pre-made templates for reporting

Create Templates & Segments

How to create a new project using templates and segments

Calculated Metrics & Alerts

Understand, create and use calculated metrics and alerts

Cru Templates

Use these templates created just for Cru to jump-start your reporting. Just click File > Save As to make a copy for you or your team. **reports may need minor edits. Just reach out if you need help**

Adobe Analytics Glossary

Searchable guide for understanding all the key terminology used in Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytic's Youtube Channel

If you just can't get enough of Adobe Analytics, check out their training content on their Youtube Channel

Adobe Analytics Suport

Need help with Adobe Analytics? Email or join the Adobe Analytics Workplace Group

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